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Fitting Guidelines of the Equus Performance Shoe

Hoof preperation and fitting guidelines for the Equus performance shoe

Fitting guidelines for Tripkle-S-Performance shoe`s are as follows. As the shoe fits across the sole it is important to make sure there is no sole pressure between the shoe and the sole especially in the toe area. The shoe is seated out on the sole side of the shoe to help prevent pressure better fit for in between size

Thumbnail Trim the excess hoof to the live sole – evenly from heel to toe. Live sole being the firmer sole under the chalky exfoliation. Minimal or no paring of the frog. Allow to grow to full size and...
Thumbnail Place shoe central to the hoof with the lead edge behind the white line.Ensure there is no sole pressure when shoe is fitted especially in the toe area.
Thumbnail Remove excess horn with cutters at a 90 degree angle to the front wall of the hoof. Clench and finish.Do not rasp front wall back to shoe. Just round toe off and maintain optimum thickness of front...